The PitchClub Secret

This month I had the opportunity to pitch our startup at the Pitch Club in Frankfurt. The winners of the HessenIdeen contest performed in front of investors.

The setting of the PitchClub in Frankfurt is an excellent  way to bring startups and investors into the same room. Its relaxed atmosphere begins already with the location “The Legends”: a bar on the first floor, chairs for the audience on the second floor, a projector, no stage, all on the same level. We are in Germany, and the next aspect is unusual for such an event: you can say “Du,” which make a huge difference to blur the distances between people you don’t know yet. Sip your coffee and ready to pitch! ?☕

I experienced The PitchClub atmosphere as somehow unique and crisp. Due to preselection procedure for the startups, the level of the entrepreneurs is high. The participating investors are highly professional. In combination with the chill ambiance you can hear the crackling tension in the air. Personally, I find this kind of setting very helpful for my own performance.  In the past experience, I learned that my potential is being blocked in too formal events and I cannot deliver the 180 per cent, I know I can deliver. A more relaxed atmosphere makes you deliver your message more authentic to the audience. Hopefully, this kind of setting will continue to conquer the German Startup scene and the organizers of rusty and outdated event formats will realize this future trend. Btw…With cool beats in the background, networking is at least 1000 more fun.

The PitchClub has evolved to a highly eligible event comprising a high rate of investment deals. It seems that Daniel, Stefan and their team are doing a great job. Doing the right things often requires boldness and I asked Stefan what their secret is. He replied: “We had this great idea and instead of whiteboarding, we just started.” Word!



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    1. Serghei says

      Dear Rolf,

      Happy to read that you could feel the atmosphere! The next event will be on June 14th in Frankfurt. You should join. Maybe we’ll meet there? 😉



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