Serghei Glinca

Serghei Glinca is a serial entrepreneur, CEO of CrystalsFirst GmbH, co-creator and head of Deepsea, chairman of GründerVirus as well as trilingual blogger and speaker.

Serghei is a mission-driven founder. In the biotech space, Serghei pioneering new drug discovery paradigm merging high-performance structural biology and computational methods to significantly accelerate the design of therapeutics.

Since the inception of Deepsea, this disruptive formant succeeded to bring together over 100 startup ecosystem leaders from 15 countries and lead to new transnational projects.

Serghei is paving the way in his industry and building up a community of followers in the biopharma and tech sector as the ‘Go To’ biotech entrepreneur and innovation strategist across Europe.


A Founder Perspective on COVID19

As a founder of a biotech company and passionate ecosystem builder I am fortunate to know both sides: I am a founder of a biotech company and work with international ecosystem builders at the Startup Heatmap Europe.  From this perspective, I feel obliged to stress the point that for startups the current COVID19-related situation is very stressful – and ecosystem builders need to understand ...
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Growth does not happen. Growth is done.

Growth is about transformation. Growth is about building new connections. Growth is about creating new structures. Growth is about conquering the unknown. Growth is about balance of the growth process itself. Growth is not a bet. And the list might go on and on. The market orientation and other variables are well understood by startups, or at least the necessity ...
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Why I create my own quotes

No question that everyone has a lot experience to with the world. So, I wondered what the best way is to share my experience in an effective and efficient way for the reader and for myself. That’s how I came up with quotes. Quotes can inspire. Good quotes resonate instantaneously with the human mind in such a way that a ...
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Startup Architects, Consider These Two Principles for Your Startups!

Practical advices are valuable. Practical insights are invaluable. Advices show the direction, insights uncover principles. Here’s what I learned about advice and principles for starting startups. Building a startup is a lot of fun and work. And you should ask for advice, whenever you can. The advantage of advice is that it shows directions: where to look for product-market-fit, whom ...
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