The-Figure-It-Out-Skill – Part 1

Are you a big fan of How-To advice? If so, don’t read this post because you will not like it. But if you want to learn why we fail to apply the how-to advice, then go on.

My biggest problem with all the how-to advice by books or people, even successful ones, is that they forget the key to the how-to. There is an implicit expectation that by knowing the “how-to”, the magic will happen. But it most likely won’t.

First of all, one question must be raised: “Will I?”. And this question shouldn’t be answered too fast. It’s not “Do I want?”, “Can I?” or “Do I have to?”. The question is “Will I?”. Before you say yes, think about all the consequences. Well, at least the most important ones.

The product of the question “Will I?” creates commitment. It’s the personal commitment that creates the magic. Commitment is never a result of an existing solution. It’s the condensed form of the initiative to solve a problem. Now, the search process for the right tools begins. And if you still want to answer the question “Will I?” with a “yes”, now it’s the right time for the search process for the how-to-tools.

Someone, who has already done or is currently in this process, will know that there are many tools and many solutions. For many problems in startups, solutions do not even exist. And the problem of too many solutions or no solutions only one skill can manage. I call it the figure-it-out-skill.

The figure-it-out-skill must be perfected every day. It is our personal response to problems and difficulties. This skill demands to learn and is highly dynamic. Otherwise, solutions would not exist at all. This skill fully requires consideration of the current context, which is rapidly changing.

Knowing that, please do me a favor and don’t rely on the startup or some life advice recipes. Just take a step back and answer the question “will I?” Will I accept the challenges, the work, the punches, the failures, the responsibility for progress? Will I accept happiness in work? Or even happiness in failure?

You have 5 minutes to figure it out!


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