Hot Coffee from the Startup World

We love to hear those success stories.

People of almost superhuman abilities build great companies, products, services, communities and influence society in a positive direction. Wow! How do they do that? We are inspired, profoundly touched by such stories and motivated in our personal ambitions. But there is a gap between the story told and the actual beginning and the struggle of the journey. We cannot to bridge the gap between ourselves and try to explain to ourselves, they did it by talent, by luck.

To me, listening or reading the success stories is like drinking cold coffee. The thing is, I love hot, freshly brewed coffee! That is why I am serving on this site hot coffee. You can call me Startup-Barista. And from time to time you will find here some espresso shots on my social media channels. 😉


Why StartupLife? Three and a half reasons

#1a. I want to document my personal journey in real-time now and not tell the story later.

#1b. Online topics in portals like “What founders need to know about X” or “Ten rules for a successful startup” are a waste of time. Building a startup is hard. The present situation will be different tomorrow. So, yesterday’s rules will be useless today, and if not today then definitely the tomorrow.

#2. I will share my personal pains & gains. This is not another startup portal for revenue streams, follower generation.

#3. I am writing in three languages. In my experience, the startup community is shaped by values that are not bound to geography, culture or language. Technology in almost all business sectors enables almost a free flow of goods, ideas, data and so on. Let’s build on it!


Looking into the crystal ball, I see that the entrepreneurial spirit will continue to shape our world in an efficient and sustainable manner. Independent from our personal or societal willingness, we cannot prevent the coming upheavals.

At this point, I need to clarify my understanding of the entrepreneurial spirit. It is a personal mindset that

– questions the status quo,

– gains a better understanding of the situation and finds much better solutions,

– follows through practical implementation and most importantly,

– can challenge the implemented solution as status quo.

Challenging the status quo does not mean being lost in an endless loop. But it could mean letting go at the right time and look for new challenges. The entrepreneurial spirit is the key to the transformation of the old and useless into a dynamic and flexible mindset. The spirit of enterprise is the fuel to motion. Keep moving! Use it! There is nothing to lose or win because

It’s Never Game Over!


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