Limitations are just opinions.

Startup life is tough. The last months were very tough for me. Not primarily because of the startup. It’s tough mainly because I have to balance many uncertain variables. To make life certain for the family, I worked a lot, and in the free time, I worked on fundraising, finishing demanding scientific projects and preparing presentations. I stopped counting hours because things just had to work out. And they did.

What puzzled me was the state of never-ending regeneration, the lack of energy. I struggled to find the strength to sustain my work speed I have built and that I really enjoy. I struggled to maintain the flexibility in thinking, in working and in shifting the focus from one activity to another.

I reflected a lot of the reasons or looked for explanations. And surely, I found some. But they didn’t change the state I was in. On January 16th, I had enough. Instead of looking for reasons and explanations, I just did, what felt right at that moment. I meditated for a while, calmed my thoughts, and to my surprise, I didn’t feel significantly better. On the contrary, I felt a little weaker.

Again, I started to ponder “Why is it so difficult to find the balance?” Then I suddenly realized, this question, this thought is stopping me from taking any action, it’s weakening me. So I packed my bag and I went to the gym, tired as I was, and started to do my workout. And guess what happened to me? After overcoming mental limitations and physical inertia, I began to feel energy and power.

That’s how I found the truth about limitations. They are just opinions. So next time, when you think about limitations or difficulties, treat them as opinions. Opinions can be challenged easier and changed faster.


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