The day I forgot my notebook

Over the last year I have developed a very productive habit. I commute every day and spend at least two hours in the train: one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening. I learned to use this time very efficiently because the time is constrained, distractions are limited and no stable internet connection is available. So, when I take a seat in the train, it’s all about focus, focus, focus.

Working in the train has become a powerful habit, but how powerful a habit can be I discovered, when I forgot my laptop in the office.

Well, on that evening, in the empty train without the notebook, I decided to note down, what is on my mind. I used the rest of the time to reflect upon that list and tried to prioritize the points. Then it stroke me that everything I have written is purely business-related. I mean everything! I was surprized because I love to spend the time with my family. Why was my list so focused?

Then I remembered, what I know about habits. They are connected with the environment. No wonder that in my “peak performance” environment I could think only about business-related issues. Now, I was relieved.

But on the next day, I stumbled upon Karl Quint’s micro vlog for startups. He talked about work life balance in startups and importance of mental and physical health for success. So, I gave more thought to it. Indeed, there is no balance in the startup life and I actually think, it is the right way for startups. But this experience revealed to me, how important it is not to lose control of our habits.

For example, if you start working home, even on small tasks, then you will likely develop a habit of “working at home”. Which is not bad. But when you come home and expect your mind to relax and it doesn’t work, it might be this particular habit that inhibits relaxation.

Habits, once developed, make our lives easy and efficient. Remember that it’s you, who creates habits. So be in control of your habits!


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