What is Your Passion?  

Once a thing called “passion” comes into play, be aware that clarity is on the way. That is why this post is brief. I am grateful for all the experiences that brought me to this post and happy to share it with you.

Now, take a deep breath…and read the lines with passion. <3

Passion is fearless. If you are afraid of failure, then you probably are not passionate about what you are doing.

Passion fuels action. Passion defines failure differently: Not acting is failure.

Passion manages complexity. When things are overwhelming, listen to the voice of your passion. The noise will disappear and the situation will become clear.

Passion brings value. The only reason for existence of passion is to make things better and build value.

Passion is always unique. There is no general method to discover one’s passion for something. It is a personal journey. And it never ends.

I am curious about your personal journey to passion. Where do you stand now? DM me on IG or FB.

Thanks for reading!

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